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January 2022 Predictions Cover

January 2022 Market Predictions

Though not predictable, you can always rely on the real estate market in Minneapolis to change.   Here are some predictions for the housing market in 2022: 2022 will fall just short of record-breaking  “Zillow’s forecast calls for 11% home value growth in 2022. That’s down from a projected 19.5% in

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Is it Time to Buy a Bigger Home?

Deciding if it is time for your family to upsize is not always a clear choice. There are factors to consider that might push you to take the leap to a larger home or stay put for a while longer. Whether things are a bit cramped in your current living

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frustrated buyer

5 Reasons Your Offer Was Rejected

Picture this: You find the perfect house, start creating all of your Home Décor Pinterest boards and BAM – you find out that the sellers didn’t accept your offer.  Now, your dreams of making dinner in the beautiful farmhouse kitchen are crushed and you’re wondering what you did wrong.  If

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How to Winterize Your Home

As Minnesota real estate agents, we’ve seen what happens when homes aren’t prepared to handle the subfreezing winter temps we get here. We want to help you make sure your home is ready to go this winter! Here’s what you need to do to make sure your home is ready:

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