REALTOR® Kara Zahasky

Kara Zahasky, a carpenter’s daughter, grew up studying houses. Her eye for design and structure surfaced as she watched house after house become imagined, built, and sold. 

From an early age, Kara’s family business had her analyzing houses and spaces. She’s always loved (and still loves) moving! Her whole life, it’s been an adventure to organize and beautify a new home, and she’s thrilled to share that positivity with her clients.

A trained artist, Kara got her start in spa development in Las Vegas and later designed her own spa brands in Iowa and Minnesota, also serving as a massage therapist in all three locations.

She has promoted two wellness-focused network marketing brands, was a leader at Macy’s and Kate Spade New York and, most recently, in restaurant and event management.

Kara holds a massage therapy degree from one of the most prestigious schools in the country and is a Certified Yoga Teacher.

She lives in Minnetrista with her husband, four children (age 20, 18, 16, and 11), and three dogs. Her favorite things in the world are collecting ocean seashells, spending time with her kids and singing to the radio.

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